Why Powder Brows Are Better Than Micro-Blading


For those looking for more natural fullness and symmetry in your brows, it is worth looking into the Powder Brow technique. With micro-blading you can notice those drawn-in lines; with the Powder Brow technique, the pigment is almost “powdered” in, creating a softer, more seamless finish. 

The Powder Brow technique is also suitable for all skin types and lasts longer. Need another reason to try the Powder Brow technique instead? It hurts less than micro-blading. 


How does it work?

After applying a topical numbing agent Natalia Markajani creates that Powdery pixelated look with a tattoo machine, individual needle cartridges, and ink formulated specifically for permanent makeup. Natalia’s clients are often surprised by the fact that the procedure doesn’t hurt! The entire process takes on average 90 minutes as Natalia is known for her meticulous work and attention to detail. 


In terms of aftercare, we suggest avoiding any heavy-duty chemical exfoliants for a few days, as well as any sweating or swimming. You need to keep the area dry for up to 14 days and apply a pea-sized amount of topical healing cream every morning. This brings us to the final warning: Your brows might flake, itch, and scab after the procedure. Don’t pick at those scabs! “If you do, you might lose the pigment and create unevenness in the brows,” says Natalia

It’s also very important to have a touchup within 6-12 weeks of the initial procedure as we expect to lose 30-40% of the pigment. Without the touchup, session service is considered incomplete.


If you’re in the market for permanent makeup, you might want to give the Powder Brow technique a thought. For those with sensitive skin looking for a natural fullness, it’s an effective, yet gentler technique to give you the fuller, symmetrical brows you’ve always longed for. Natalia offers free consultations so that you can get familiar with the procedure and you’re able to ask questions.