Can Altra Beauty Lab “Touch Up” Another Artist’s Work?


Many people don’t understand that Permanent Makeup Artists are exactly that- Artists. They all have their own techniques and styles that make them different. Can one PMU Artist work over another one’s work? That depends…

First, let’s define both terms:


A touch up session is a session that takes under an hour. In this session we discuss with our client how their healing went and how their skin healed after their initial ABL Powder Eyebrow session. Then we get to work on what we like to call “perfecting” the original work. 


A correction is when we have new clients that are:

  • Unhappy with a previous PMU artist’s work
  • Overall happy with shape, but the pigment has altered in color 
  • Switching styles from Blading to Shading etc.                                                    

This session is treated just like an initial one because it’s the very first time that we get to work on your eyebrows. A correction can take up to two and a half hours.

If you already have had your brows micro-bladed/ tattooed, please contact Natalia for a virtual or in person consultation to establish if you’re a candidate for Micro-Shading/Powder brows. Not every work can be corrected, so there are cases when we advise a client to do a laser or saline removal in order to achieve the best results.

Though it is rare, if a client gets work done somewhere else and the shape and color still look good, we still charge a “new client” fee. That’s because when you pick an artist, every touchup/annual refresh goes at an “existing client” rate. . 

“It’s like you go to a restaurant and they give you a voucher for your next visit that’s for “half off an entree at your next visit”. You don’t take this voucher to a different restaurant and demand to honor it.” explains Natalia Markajani 

At Altra Beauty Lab we take great pride in the service that we provide and love bragging about our clients by showing before and after pictures. Let us create your perfect brows. Contact us today for a free consultation.